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The Mission of Universal Beauty School, LLC is to ensure the success of our graduates in the field of cosmetology or related discipline while providing an energetic enviroment that facilitates the confidence and skills necessary to attain success in their chosen field. Our priority is to help our students unlock their creativity and imaginations, improve themselves, and ultimately achieve professional success. This Mission wil be accomplished through the following objectives: 

  • To assess institutional effectiveness through student               achievement and performance as reflected in the school           completion, licensure, and employment rates and through         periodic surveys of students, graduates, and employers of       graduates.
  • To employ faculty of adequate size qualified by preparation,   education or experience and persionality to carry out the         educational objectives of the institution.
  • To maintain effective methods of organization and                 administration  appropriate to the educational programs offered.
  • To uniformly administer fair and equitable admission policies.
  • To provide a program of supportive services including academic advising to student and employment assistance.
  • To develop and use well-organized courses of study designed to prepare graduates for licensing examinations and employment using both theoretical knowledge and skill development.
  • To maintain a sound financial condition and qualified financial management.
  • To provide equipment, instructional and laboratory space and   other facilities to meet instructional needs and professional     standards for safety and hygiene.
  • To use systematic student evaluation to assist student learning and develop satisfactory student achievement.
The stated goals and objectives, educational programs and support services are assessed systematically by means of:
  1. Periodic student evaluations of the staff, programs, and facility.
  2. Periodic surveys of graduates and employers of graduates as to the effectiveness of the instructional programs and support services.
  3. Review of annual retention licensure and employment rates.
  4. Cooperative evaluation by staff during regular staff meetings   regarding the institution's purpose, objectives and success.
  5. Feedback annually from the Advisory council comprised of         industry professionals.
  6. Completion of an Institutional Self Study for the school.

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